Peter Parker is determined to have pizza time. So when Mr Aziz fires him (again) he resorts to some drastic measures. He also develops a nasty habit of eating hotdogs while watching trouble unfold. Meanwhile, Otto Octavius builds a machine to blow up the city and Hoffman is finally fired for his incompetence.

As promised, Peter Parker has returned in a new video. Some have said that this is their favourite, so I am glad that you enjoy this video. I have another Spider-Man video in production so there is plenty more pizza time to come. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more :)

This has been re-uploaded due to getting blocked, because someone was unhappy that I was making people laugh. I am still working out what the problem is so please be patient if it gets taken down again.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and do not seek to profit from this video. This video is for entertainment purposes only.
I said this last time too.


(2148966) [YTP] Peter Parker Wants Pizza Time

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