Hevesh5 and I worked with Pizza Hut to design an elaborate domino setup to celebrate their new Hut Rewards program. This domino project took over 2 days to build with 13 builders, and includes the largest pizza ever made from dominoes! :) We built slices of pizza out of dominoes, pizza toppings, and even used pizza boxes as dominoes. Don’t forget to join Hut Rewards and guess how many dominoes we toppled for your chance to win FREE pizza for LIFE!

Project Leaders:
Lily Hevesh:
Steve Price:

Marcel Pürrer (Build leader):
Michael Fantauzzo:
Nathan Heck:
Lily Hevesh:
Alex Huang:
Samuel Möhler:
Shane O’Brien:
Joe Parks:
Steve Price:
Mathias Ritter:
Mark Robbins:
Hayden Russell:
Chris Wright:

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AGST – Overload

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FOODporn.pl WORLD’S LARGEST PIZZA made of DOMINOES! (feat. Pizza Hut)

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