Here is how to make and use a food tube. Great for people who don’t like to handle messy treats. And useful for behaviour modification cases and reactive dogs. Or with gloves on cold days! Or mobility dogs. Canned tripe is one thing I forgot on the list and consistency is key to success. Not too thick, not too runny. Play with it by combining different foods. (like I suggested with cream cheese/yogurt combo)
Here is a link by Eileen Anderson for more tips.


(4980) Treat Delivery: Food Tubes for Training Dogs

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  • Charlotte Post

    Thank you for this! I was thinking about ways to train one of my rescues with muzzle AND food rewards… which turns out to be not very easy. I'm certainly going to try it with a tube. I need to train him with the muzzle on, because he can be agressive. Especially towards hands (he was mistreated by his previous owner). Will let you know how it goes!

  • Arulmozhi N

    Before seeing this video, I wonder how to give treats to my puppy without messy and also from his teeth so. Now, I am happy by knowing your novel Idea!

  • Martha Chiang

    Awesome Donna thank you so much for making this video! This widens my ideas about sizes and types of tubes and also what kinds of things will work in them. Even though my current tubes are really tiny, I have used them with almond butter and peanut butter when teaching Elan and Brio foundation behaviors. I especially like to use them when I am introducing movement to a behavior that previously was done in one place as the dogs really get excited about the food in the tubes.

  • Bettina Lori

    Years ago we used tubes containing liverwurst paste, meant for people. Some dogs would bite instead of lick though. I just used it for my avalanche K9SAR training this past week. It can be done with mitts on! Ways better than cold and wet fingers after feeding the successful dog single treats when lying in a snow den as the buried person! I find the condiment tubes for camping from MEC work best. Liverwurst mashed with milk to get the right consistency works best for me. The consistency is crucial to avoid a mess ( dripping all over or explosions of food …). I like your variety of fillings, I will experiment with them when I get home. I use it mostly for area search, also for LLW. I agree with you: variety is important.

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