Unsuspecting pizza delivery drivers are surprised when their $5 tip, magically turns into a $100 tip right before their eyes.

I’ve thought a lot about what the message is behind all these „Giving Back” videos. It’s not so much a message that you need to give money away in order to be happy, but more a message that it just feels good to give whatever you are able to give.

I wanted to do another video like the Money Magic for Homeless, as well as a follow up video for Tipping Servers $200. When I found out Pizza deliverers can make as little as $4.00 an hour in Utah, I wanted to help out. I wanted to make sure the trick was even cooler than the previous tricks I’ve done. Check out the link above to learn how to do this trick.

Learn my magic tricks:

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FOODporn.pl Tipping Pizza Guys $100 With Magic Tricks

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