Watch J. Kenji Lopez-Alt break down soft tofu soup, as seen at one of his favorite Korean restaurants in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Guest-starring The Girl Who Ate Everything (Robyn Lee).

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Video: Jessica Leibowitz
Music: Kevin MacLeod


(20012) The Food Lab: Soft Tofu Soup

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  • Seung Yeon Lim

    Wow. I knew Kenji’s repertoire is very broad but I did not expect him to cook Korean food (and pronounce the name so well!). An awesome choice too because I think soondoobujjigae is the only korean food that is actually made better in the US than in Korea. The high viscosity of the broth and high tofu-to-broth ratio that makes it feel more like a stew than a soup are unique to Americanized soondoobujjigae. I’ve been missing this so much ever since I left the US.
    …..Wait, I should stop missing it and try what Kenji showed here!

  • Jenn Stern

    true soondubu jjigae does not have gojuchang in it! Dry hot red chili flakes with your choice of cooking oil is used to create a chili oil as the base for the spicy flavor of this soup.

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