1.The ingredients to make Fo tiao qiang must be fresh, so the first step is blanching chicken, old duck, ribs、trotter、pork tripe、duck gizzard(some people also put chicken feet and soaked cuttlefish) in, then add ginger and spring onion and boil all that for 6 hours on a small flame.

2.Soak abalone and sea cucumber for one or two days. The soaking time is depending on the temperature, remember to change water during the process.

3.Better soak tendons and fish maw with oil. Put cold oil in a cold pot, let them get soaked and turn the fire on after some time. Let the temperature raise up slowly.After that, the tendons can be soaked with warm water, this is called a water-oil immersion.

4.The component of yellow wine depends on yourself, if you like it, you can put more in. If no then less.

5.The actual shark fin is only thin cartilage, which is cut while the shark is alive. Unable to swim effectively, sharks sink to the bottom of the ocean and die of suffocation. I strongly suggest people to use the man made shark fins that you can buy everywhere instead of the real fins. Less killing for a better ecosystem.

3、蹄筋和鱼肚最好用油发,冷锅冷油一点点 温度慢慢发泡,发泡后的筋肚可以再用温水泡 软,这个就叫水油发了。
4、黄酒的多少根据你自己接受度来决定,喜 欢就多加不喜欢少加。



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