Super Tarts wax haul. Video 3 of 3.
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Wardrobe Wax
?Aslan: Orange Bergamot, Fern, driftwood and biolage
?Susan: Chocolate Orchid, Fireside, cotton candy frosting and mallow fluff
?Lucy: Mac apple and Magically Delicious
?Peter: Fresh cut grass, watermelon, rock candy, mac apple, shaving cream and sea salt. A blend of Sams Shire and Briarcliff
?Edmund: Grape airheads and serendipity mallow fluff
?Turkish Delight: Orange glazed pistachios and sweetened condensed milk
?Mr. Tumnus: Pink sugar, spearmint and vanilla bean Noel
?White Witch: Menthol, grapefruit, silver birch and rosemary
?Prince Caspian: Sandalwood, fresh picked strawberries and peonies
?Trumpkin: Bubbly vanilla champagne, raspberry, cranberry, mango, sparkling gingerale and Vanilla Bean Noel. A blend of Mango Pink champagne and Emma Frost
?Mr. Fox: Blood Orange, Fizzy cherry pop, plums and lemon sugar
?The Wardrobe: Lavender, Laundry, Rain drops, Kumquats and Orange zest.

Tarty Little Liars
?Who’s A?! : Blood Orange, Guava, Fig and Ice Cream Scoop Bread
?Ezra: Rain drops, cucumber, earl grey tea and a slight musk
?Spencer: French vanilla, textbooks, Raspberry glacé and orange zest
?Emily: Rainbow Sherbet, crisp Mac apples and chlorine
?Hanna: 1,000 Kisses [Lush dupe (Mandarin Blossom Apricot)], Strawberry Glace, Apricot slices and CAKE!
?Aria: Lotus blossoms, Pink Chiffon, Sea Salt and Blackberry
?Radley: Pear slices, brown sugar and chamomile
?Ali: Ginger ale, Satsuma and Dark Boysenberry
?Rosewood: Rosewood, Lemon Zest, Musk and Orange Slices
?Secret Keeper: Fresh cut grass, Elderberry, dirt & Sweet Vanilla


(170) Super Tarts Haul 3 of 3 ~ Wardrobe Wax & Tarty Little Liars

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