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Dr Greger – Uprooting the leading causes of death (14 of the 15 leading causes of our death are scientifically linked to eating animal products)
Atherosclerosis, Heart Disease, Cholesterol

*Philip Wollen’s speech … peace begins on our plates!


Did you know that 14 of the 15 Leading causes of our DEATH are linked to ANIMAL products!

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1. Cowspiracy + NETFLIX
2. Forks Over Knives + NETFLIX
3. Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky:
4. Farm To Fridge
5. Earthlings
6. 101 Reasons To Go Vegan
7. Lucent
8. Speciesism The Movie
9. Dr Greger – Uprooting the leading causes of death

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45 komentarzy

  • Donna Taft

    I love your passion and compassion! Thank you for continually spreading the message. I love you guys! I hope you are going to be on the vegan cruise in March 2019? It leaves from Miami, Florida.

  • Nikki Mikki Moomy

    Jesus christ. People like you are why I'm afraid to tell people I'm vegan. Stop this shit. It's so fucking wrong. You live your life however makes you happy, and you should let others do the same. Making a 15 minute video slandering some people is not the way to get your message across.

  • Plant Planet Earth

    No justification for eating animal flesh. Some dog eaters would have no problem eating his pet dog. Weird that he thanks the piece of paper. So I wonder if the human body breaks down the protein from Aiya and becomes a part of the human body that has consumed the cow? In effect Aiyas DNA is encorporated into his and her DNA.
    BTW I guess we can start a nose print business of all of our pets to create authentification certificates.

  • Adele halsall

    This video is genuinely disturbing on so many levels. The fact that they are going on and on about the cow's name, mother, and its 'three generations' of ancestry is just bewildering. How does this matter to them when they are going to eat this beautiful creature? The truth is it doesn't, and it is all a facade so that they LOOK to be compassionate towards the animal that they will later then cook and eat.

    In fact their video ran like a parody in my mind. There was something so so sadistic and weird about they way they were talking about their victim…eyeing up its health and ancestry, just like a psychopath as you guys mentioned…in my mind it was no different to them talking this way about a HUMAN right before they ate them. It was so totally fucked up and weird, and almost like a parody (of how it'd sound if we ate humans this way).

    These guys are gross, their whole video grossed me out. That people actually speak this way about a living being they have paid to have butchered brutally and cooked…it's disgusting. And the sexualisation just unnecessary. I really hope this pair reflect on a few things and get their priorities in order and that their video content eventually changes to reflect that.

  • Emma Mills

    The birth certificate is like when the Germans hunted jews and traced all their bloodline ? absolutely despicable.. And that little nose print ? cows are absolutely gorgeous animals and resemble dog like characteristics.

  • Breanna Slender

    whats sickening is more vegans trying to push their views on people and spreading more hate, I mean if you don't want to eat meat or other products from animals (even though we need the vitamins and nutrients in them to survive) then fine that's all good im not judging you for that but if you feel like being a complete hateful dick to those who love meat and are informative foodies (and lovely people) then I'm sorry your being cruel and utterly rude horrid people. instead of trying to "fix" peoples views when not needed look at vids of crazy religious folk trying to "help" non-believers or gay people then come back to your video and see the similarities. each to their own views but step off other peoples love of food just cause you don't agree. Focus on how the animals are treated, and talk about your views on that and not through passive aggressive hate onto others.

  • Teehetki

    What a load of delusional bullshit. How can you make this so overdramatic? It's okay to be vegan but it's not okay to be a cock about it. That's proper grade A luxury beef, you should try it if possible..who knows it might not taste like murder. I kinda feel a little sick inside, your video is sadistic. Here's fly on a drill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8addF6VJxc

  • Monalisa Monalisa

    Those people are monsters, I am completely disgusted. Thank you for spreading education, I personally could never stand my ground after seeing such a depiction of cruelty.

  • hplover656

    The fact that people think they're above the ecosystem is what bothers me. Maybe it's because how populous we've become and how free thinking we are, that we think we aren't a part of an ecosystem and a predator in this ecosystem. Even though we have evolved to a point where we don't need to depend on meat as much as we used to, we still can eat it. As a lion eats a zebra and a snake hunts a mouse, we are part of an ecosystem that transfers energy that gets put back into the earth after we die. We are not god-like creatures that are above the natural cycle of life just because we have a broader range of thinking than most animals. We still ARE animals in our core that have an animalistic way of thinking. The problem is we just don't control it the way we need to. If there are too many predators and not enough prey, the ecosystem becomes unbalanced. It's okay to eat meat and it's okay to eat vegetation as long as there is balance.

    I enjoy the countries that eat other parts of the animal other than just the meat. No animal in the wild kills an animal just for a section of meat and we shouldn't do the same. If we are to kill an animal for consumption, it should be consumed as much as possible to keep the energy transfer going, and the rest should be discarded properly so it can go back into the earth and put nutrients back into the soil.

    Sorry if this gave off major tree-hugger vibes. But I believe in energy and how the cycle of life goes (which is also something everyone learned in science classed; that energy is passed from one living organism to the other.) It's something many ancient cultures believed and some newer cultures that still believe it today. There just has to be a balance.

  • f

    Animals eat animals, seriously vegans are retarded. As long as people stay away from factory meat I don't see the issue, organic farm raised meat is fine and yes I know I eat a cow, I am fine with it. Some places eat dogs and horses too

  • f

    why do Australians have to bring us such shame. Vegans always look like angry junkies, aged and bitter.

  • Kaz Chin

    I think Simon and Martina would be open to the idea of veganism because they've made some videos of vegan/vegetarian alternatives. For instance, they just recently uploaded a video about vegan ramen (I understand that they did eat meat-filled ramen as well) and Martina made a video on how to make vegan brownies. Overall, I think that they're genuinely good people and might think about incorporating these alternatives more into their diets.

  • Chrome Heart

    Ok so let's say Simon and Martina go vegan for the rest of their lives. Now what. What is your end game. Do you and the other vegans on this channel want the whole world to go vegan? You do realize that there is not enough fertile land on the earth to grow all the beans and other protein foods to feed the would be world "vegan" population.

  • Vol de Mort

    The reason people dislike angry vegans is because they seem to have more compassion for animals than people. You say you're offering "help" but really if you offer "help" that is unwanted and not asked for it acquires a condescending tone. You didn't bother finding out about Martina's condition and dietary needs. You didn't bother to think that your video would provoke other vegans to hate watch S&M's video despite whatever flimsy disclaimer you put up. As it stands, there are several people in the comments of that video commenting stuff like "SIMON AND MARTINA ARE MURDERERS/ MONSTERS!!!!". That's lack of compassion on your part towards them and makes you sound like hypocrites with a superiority complex. This is why veganism has become a hated movement. Clean up your activism and maybe people will be more open to what you have to say.

  • Michael Raffoul

    Its funny how people have to pay out others for a video they didn't post or have any input in the first place. Why don't u Vegan inbreds go fuck urself and shove a cow down your throats fucken vegan freaks. You guys think you own the world and can change the world…. news flash it will never happen… why don't you preach amongst yourself's and stop self diagnosing everyone without any scientifical background… Simon and Martina never mentioned you in their video so why do you fuck tarts care back and start war. By the way I'm on my way to eat some juicy meat now and guess what ill be doing that for the rest of my life…. eating more of it. #veganmyass

  • Joey Leung

    Although the way Simon and Martina presented that video may be distasteful in your eyes, it is their channel, they are not obligated to post only vegan friendly material. Simon and Martina are well aware of the cruelty of animal, they're not blind to it but have chosen personally that they want to carry on being meat eaters, it's their personal choice. You forget to mention Martina has made plenty of vegan cooking videos giving back to her vegan audience.

  • Ariel Paz

    Omg you (vegan couple) guys  are  so disgusting I just can't!! stop judging other people and what they eat or the lifestyle they choose to live! If you choose to live a certain lifestyle don't judge others of enjoying their lives!! You are seriously disgusting, I can see you judge many other people for eating dead animals or whatever you wanna call it. I hope you really don't make shit out of these videos

  • thefuumanchuu

    they used to both be vegetarian for the animals… but they eventually made the choice to stop for whatever reason. they know where their food comes from to have made the choice in the past, and i think that's what matters the most.

  • tae tae

    yea no shit sherlock its disturbing, its called sexy food porn shots. Cant you guise take a joke, theyre obsessing about food, theres even more disturbing people looking at some nasty stuff, jesus.

  • Kuq Ku

    Vegans cruelly eat sentient plants, torturing them by blending them without a care! these plants give us oxygen! you filthy Vegans destroy our Air by trying to eat all the plants! you filthy scum! HOW DARE YOU EAT OUR PLANT BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND ASEXUAL NON BINARY PLANTS who knows just because you cant hear their voices of pain doesnt mean they dont have any!

    You drink their raw blood you filthy scum! IM DISGUSTED with you vegans! so damn cruel to plants!

  • Christopher Mccormick

    Why should I give up my right to eat meat just because a few people think it's wrong? Vegans are not the ultimate source of knowledge. They don't truly know or care about the people they claim to be caring for. Animals exist to be Eaten by other animals and honestly even the plants are nurtured by dead and decomposed animals in the soil. Plants don't care how the animal was slaughtered to give them nutrients and I'm pretty sure they don't even question it. So my precious vegans if your own gods don't care then stop wasting your time trying to change other people

  • kaisoo

    I honestly dont understand why you guys had to attack s&m, its their life not yours. Veganism isnt for everyone and if you are happy being a vegan, Im happy for you! However, just because you are one doesnt mean you can like an all powerful all knowing person and judge people on how they eat or that theyre good people making "bad decisions" and that by nitpicking and just plain being an ass to non vegan/vegitarian people suddenly will make them wanna be vegans. No one should listen to a bully like you guys said so why are you guys acting like one?

  • Sumaiya

    This video is hilarious. "The victim is not acknowledged here and is… JUST A PIECE OF MEAT." I can't, so funny. I will never be able to take vegans seriously. Veganism is just a trend and pretty much a cult.

  • AmsterdamHeavy

    Weirdos, it is a piece of meat. A piece of meat is a piece of muscle from another animal. Its included in the fact that it is meat in the first place. And youre calling someone else reductionist. Also, the chick looked WAY better in the photos where I assume she was eating meat. Fucking moralists over survival; youre yucky.

  • Yuri Seo

    Reminds you of psychopaths? what?
    Your logic is off.
    I watched their video before watching this and the certificate was a little sad to see. However, comparing Simon and Martina to "serial killers" and "psychopath" is terrible! I totally agree on the preexisting fact that the process of making meat is cruel but you two are going WAY TOO FAR. People like you guys are the ones who are making people feel uncomfortable about going vegan.
    I have 2 vegan friends and I have always supported them for being courageous. They even made ME consider going pesco or vegetarian. You don't know how disgusted I am right now watching this video. Humans have eaten meat ever since our ancestors' ages. I'm not saying that being vegan is wrong. I'm saying that if you wish to promote the vegan lifestyle, you should be encouraging people, not putting others down to make yourselves LOOK BETTER. You two completely destroyed my respect for vegan people.
    If you want the vegans to be respected, respect others first. I'm pretty sure you've heard of that countless times.

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