This is an experiment in slow cooking, using a recipe by The Food Lab (Serious Eats). This is an eight pound pork shoulder, slow-roasted in a cast iron pot for over nine hours, then blasted with 500 degree heat to give a crisp, crunchy skin that is one solid crackling. Doing research for this video introduced me to pernil, the Latin American roast pork shoulder made as a holiday dish, especially at Christmas but many other times of the year as well. I loved how easy this was to prepare, and the pork was so good, I’m seriously considering making this for my family at Christmas rather than the usual turkey. And once you’ve given this a try, you may find yourself thinking the same way, and serving pork shoulder for the coming holidays.

Recipe courtesy of The Food Lab (Serious Eats):

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(20250) Roast Pork Shoulder with Crackling Skin

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