Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with severe calorie restriction—whether by surgery or starvation—but can also be reversed by simply eating healthier.

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Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with an extremely low calorie diet (see my last video: Reversing Diabetes with Surgery And as this video shows, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with an extremely healthy diet, but is that because it was also low in calories? That’s the million dollar (death?) question that I answer in my next video: Diabetes Reversal: Is it the Calories or the Food? ( Hold onto your hats, it’s going to be quite a doozy!

I’ve touched before at the ability of healthy diets to both prevent (Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes and treat (Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes type 2 diabetes. It’s so exciting to be plugging in the final puzzle pieces.

What about the benefits of blood sugar medications and more moderate diets? When Drugs & Diets Don’t Lower Diabetes Deaths (

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