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  • Er Fati

    this is amazing ! this is my second day raw vegan , i'm excited and motivated about this good change in my life , very helpful documentary , thank you .

  • Vesna Susel Rozman

    I wonder where this people are buying eco bio vegi and fruit? In Europ this products are very expensive. Workers cant aford it. If you grow your oun food OK, otherwise buy in stores…where in the midle of NY can you get vegi from garden to table? And if you go on the market, how do you know everything is organick? Organik apples have lots of spots and maybe a worm inside. Will you buy it? I feed deers with my organick fruit and neighbours buy organick apples in store, because look better.

  • Dorian Kelly

    T O. S A T A N ,,, YOU. ARE
    WHAT. HE. OWNS. & HAS.

  • Jade Hunter

    What about Back pain, glaucoma, bladder infection, because of a mesh surgery, i have all these, can I stop getting infection, can't keep putting their medication in my body. Sick of it. I hope eating a Raw Diet I can heal these things.
    I really truly do not want to go Blind. ☹

  • Jade Hunter

    Be sure they are really food that is grown from their farm, some of those Farmer market people get food from the grocery stores and then resell it as if they grew at their self. So ask questions about where their Farm is look at the boxes under their tables to see what the name is on the box there was a survey done and they found that some of these people were actually getting the food from a grocery store not too far away then reselling it as if they had grown it their self.

  • Tyler Murphy

    Prevention and Cure for Cancer. My Mom had cancer Cured.
    Look up the Hunza people, among the longest living people in the world they do not get cancer they consume apricot kernels on a daily basis. The Hunza people are considered living proof of the health benefits of apricot kernels, based in the remote Himalayan region near West Pakistan, they are traditional apricot farmers and are believed to consume 200 times more B17 than Westerners do "about 30 to 50 apricot seeds per day". Apricot kernels Cure and Prevent cancer, it is the amygdalin, vitamin B17 within that has this effect. Check out the documentary (G Edward Griffin a world without cancer the story of vitamin B17) I believe is the title, I have playlists on my channel. If interested let me know I will send you some links. The old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is True when you consume the whole Apple seeds included. Also check out the video titled (how to cure cancer with apricot kernels) muscular guy shaved head blue tank top in the thumbnail, Man in the video cured himself of bowel cancer, doctors gave him two months to live, Cured with bitter apricot kernels and bromelain which is a pineapple enzyme, digestive enzyme, he was taking 600 General, Digestive, Units, to Aid the absorption of the apricot kernels. He had No conventional treatment chemo, radiation, surgery or other treatment of any kind. He has been cancer-free for years now. Just a heads up guy makes a negative racial comment but video is worth watching.
    There are multiple! cures for cancer, Natural cures these are and have been suppressed. Google (The Australian blushwood tree). If eating seeds was harmful /deadly humankind Never Would Have Made It. Think about it, think cavemen – cavewoman threw away the core : ) We evolved along with fruit fertilizing their seeds with our excrement in exchange for their nutrients, Harmony. Humans are all brainwashed this is by Design, as a child I was always told Not! to eat the core of an apple because the seeds contain cyanide, this is true but it is a Minuscule amount and it is structured in such a way not unlike Water which is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, harmless when together as H2O. The cyanide contained within apricot kernels and bitter almonds which use to be sold/consumed on a regular basis is Harmless to the body yet Deadly! to cancer cells, only cancer cells can unlock the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules within the apricot kernels, Nature's Perfect Design, normal cells are 100% protected. B-17, amygdalin, Cyanide is also in Strawberries among thousands of other fruits and vegetables but in very low concentrations thanks to GMOs and Mass farming. In my opinion B-17, amygdalin is to cancer what vitamin C is to scurvy. B-17 Cyanide is also present in many grasses and wild edibles, livestock in the wintertime get what's known as winter cancers/tumors when their diets are no longer grasses but mainly corn and grain, when Spring and Summer come back around they again begin grazing the fields these tumors cancers Disappear due to the cyanide B-17 amygdalin within the grass and wild edibles they consume.
    My Mom had cancer cured with apricot kernels, alkaline water and Essiac tea and lots of fresh juice, beet, carrot, celery, Apple you name it. People cure themselves of cancer all the time by switching to a raw vegan diet cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment it cannot survive, apoptosis. Many fruits nuts and other foods contain vitamin B17, Cyanide it occurs naturally but B-17 is being bread out. Bitter apricot kernels have the highest natural concentration. The human body is amazing a tumor is the body's way of protecting itself containing the cancer, in my playlists there is a video of a young girl who cured herself of an inoperable brain tumor a very rare cancer with a raw vegan diet.
    Silica from the bioavailable natural source Horsetail when taken orally remove aluminum from the body Reversing and Preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia, the silica binds to the aluminum and is carried out through the kidneys and excreted. Boron/Borax Cures arthritis and also decalcifies the pineal gland, balances hormone levels while also significantly raising testosterone among many other health benefits, Google The Borax conspiracy. Chanca piedra tea eliminates/Cures and prevents kidney and gallstones, works by gelatinizing stones. The list goes on, it's all about treating the symptom and not the cause keeping people sick and taking their money driving the numbers of the population down is the goal, at this point it is 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women will get cancer, dogs and cats that live less than 20 years on average are getting cancer nowadays this never use to happen. Think about it what do they eat our food supply is contaminated, poisoned. Scary thing is they're making everything seedless, genetically modified
    without labels and most cannot afford to buy organic. Iodine also use to be used as a food preservative which was Beneficial for health and has Strong anticancer benefits, replaced with Bromine which causes thyroid disorders among many other negative health effects. Iodized table salt often contains 1/3 glass 1/3 sand and one third salt and is a Huge! contributor to heart attack and stroke, as the sand and glass moves through the arteries they cause micro abrasions which in turn causes plaque to form when the cholesterol moves there to repair the damage done. Pink Himalayan salt is a much better choice, it also contains over 80 trace minerals that most people are deficient in. Prevention of cancer and the cure for most disease (dis-ease) is a vegan diet, raw organic is best, even if only Temporary the body must shift from acidic to alkaline, vitamin and mineral levels restored, once this takes place the body's natural defenses are restored and the body begins to work optimally eliminating most all disease. If the body remains slightly alkaline, cancer can't survive / grow in an alkaline environment. I have heard Vitamin B17 use to be in B complex vitamins, it was removed back in the 1970s when they realize what it can do/does/was doing, the 1970s is when the documentary above was released. I have also heard that when a Gorilla is given an apricot they will instinctively crack open the pit and consume the seed/apricot kernel within.
    Check out those two videos you'll understand where I'm coming from, if you do watch the videos Please spread the word. People are dying Horrible Deaths families Destroyed for No! reason.
    I'am sharing what I consider to be Extremely !mportant information.
    Google (can squirrels get cancer) also try Googling (do squirrels get cancer) and (foods rich in B-17)
    You Will Understand The Connection when you do.
    Also check out on YouTube (Third update)
    Woman Cures herself of cancer with vitamin B17 Laetrile, I did the math she was taking the equivalent to roughly 50 apricot kernels daily in the form of laetrile, she was monitored by the hospital who was previously treating the cancer within her unsuccessfully.
    And also check out the documentarys (What the Health) available on Netflix and possibly YouTube and (The food Matrix 101 reasons to go vegan) available on YouTube and also (Forks Over Knives). I am Not trying to push veganism if that's even a word, I just want you to be Aware of the amazing health benefits of a vegan diet, even if only temporary can completely reverse many different types of disease Dis-Ease type 2 diabetes for example.
    Again if you would like some links message me, I will send them to you, also anyone reading this who is interested.

    I have Playlist on my channel as well.

    I know this all sounds to Simple But please understand and know that I have no reason to lie to you. Billions upon Billions upon Billions… of Dollars are raised and donated to cancer research Yet cancer rates continue to increase at an Extremely rapid pace.

    I personally consume, on average 4 to 6 Apple's, seeds included and 10 to 15 dried bitter apricot kernels daily. I have consumed 25 apricot kernels all at once on one occasion with no ill effect.

    Do not take my word for it, do some research.

    Please know that I am not trying to obtain subscribers that is Not at all what this is about. I have Nothing for sale.
    If you do subscribe to my channel and have trouble accessing my cancer playlist's please notify me, I have had trouble¿ with this lately.

    I myself have personally lost a close family Friend and an Aunt to cancer, when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer I started searching frantically and luckily came across the (How to cure cancer with apricot kernels) video. After you look into this if you believe as I do Please tell as Many! people as you can about this, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ECT, Printing information and links on Business cards, Bumper stickers, T-shirts, Printing information and links on computer Paper handing out to gas stations Ect for them to hand out, most will Gladly! do so. Once everyone understands that cancer is caused by a Vitamin Deficiency in my opinion, much the same as Scurvy we the Human race will have OUR! POWER Back and begin to fix the other things wrong with this world, for example fruit trees should be planted in Every climate that can sustain them, all parks along all Street mango trees, apple trees, peach, Apricot Etc. Food should be Free! For Everyone. As it stands now we have more than enough to go around More than once enough food for Everyone yet people are starving all over the world for No reason it's Wrong and Disgusting!.
    One last thing check out the video on YouTube (Water-fuel cell inventor murdered by government) believe it or not all engines can be easily converted to run on water, water is simply Hydrogen and Oxygen. Our world is being Horribly polluted for absolutely No reason.

    Wishing You and yours & you all Perfect Health Love Happiness and a Wonderful! Journey.
    : )Tyler
    Check out my playlist (IMPORTANT!!!) all capitals

  • Stephanie Fuller

    I believe that we should eat for vitamins and minerals, we should eat what our bodies need to work more efficiently, not work against it and make its job harder.

  • Barry Anderson

    Holistic Chef Barry Anderson will submit his short article experience on how to use raw foods for healing from disease and illness. Blessings and Namaste from the Good Earth Chef Barry Anderson

  • Whole Food Plant Based

    Ive lost 80lbs the last 8 months from switching to a whole food plant based lifestyle. I encorporate raw food for breakfast and lunch then usually cooked veggies for dinner. I feel like a new person. I haven’t seen the 120’s in about a decade.

  • king biko

    A few years ago i did raw food for 2weeks and my face lit up my skin shone,i didnt sleep for more than 4 hours per day and i didnt get tired .i wasnt discipline enough so i reverted & started feeling sick again& tired again

  • Chris Does Stuff & Things

    I am trying out a vegan diet and may stick with it. Maybe one day will even try to be partly raw. I know it will help my health even if I'm not eating organic. I'm still eating way more fruits and veggies and whole grains and have cut out a ton of crap from my diet. It's still healthier. I'm a single mom to a little one and simply cannot afford at this time to eat organic stuff all the time. Eating raw can be pricey. I think this deters a lot of people. They think if they can't eat organic and all that then they are 'doing it wrong' and they give up or don't even try. Even just going vegan or even vegetarian is a huge step for your health as long as you are making good food choices and not living off of junk. Anyone reading this, I don't eat organic and I feel a lot better. If you can't afford organic stuff, you can still do this. Plus, do what I'm doing. I started growing my own tomatoes and peas. I'm going to plant a couple of winter plants like dinosaur kale. In the spring I'm going to plant a big garden with my favorite things in it. That will give you a ton of natural veggies and fruit really cheap, and as long as you don't use pesticides, it's pretty much close to organic. also, I go out foraging for blackberries and black raspberries and a ton of delicious mushrooms that grow wild around here. Start learning how to safely forage and that will also give you a lot fo healthy, near-organic an FREE food. Plus you'll get excercise doing it. Thanks!

  • Nose San Miguel

    So awesome stuff !! Thanks A LOT, but I am from a little town at north east of spain, and I'd need this documentary with subtitles to understand it much better.

  • Traci Kauffman

    I did raw food in 2007 and started getting hives,anaphalaxis,swelling eyes and mouth. 2 weeks I went thru that until I saw an allergist. He said due to my chemistry not all raw food is good for me. He did strongly suggest all organic foods. I eat most raw food now but still like dairy and eggs. I stopped eating meat and cut out alcohol. The environment here sucks,dirty air and toxic water. It just seems impossible to be 100% healthy on this planet??? It is a very deep rooted problem. Most people do not care about health. I feel like the lone ranger..

  • soso liban

    There are a few factors in books on Alkaline Foods . One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Alkali insider tactic (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most incredible blueprint that I have ever seen. look at the awesome information .

  • Em Em

    So I just 'cooked' something raw and I am loving it! This is amazing! Soo tasty and so healthy. I am changing slowly and explorig my options. Thanks everyone who share recepies and healt benefits of raw food. Much love ✌?

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