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Easiest Quinoa Recipes which doesn’t require any cooking at all.
Fruit Quinoa and Vegetable Quinoa are the healthiest, yummiest and quickest quinoa recipes. You just need Boiled Quinoa. Mix all the variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare these perfect dishes in no time…Enjoy

Quinoa is a Super food, loaded with Complex Carbs, Proteins, Iron, Calcium and Fibre. Easy to Cook, versatile grain that can be mixed with various easy ingredients.
Continuing with the series of easy, healthy and tasty Quinoa Recipes. More videos to follow

Quinoa is quite popular in western countries and its now gaining popularity in India. Earlier it used to be quite costly, now you can purchase quinoa online or through a nearby supermarket at around 300/kg or may be cheaper than that as well.
Its a only grain which is a complete protein, loaded with all the essential amino acids (which are the building blocks of Protein).
Ideal for Fat Loss, Weight Loss and Muscle Gain.
Enjoy the easy recipes and give your feedback…thanks



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