This is a short video about the pure Menthol crystals (all natural and derived from the Mentha arvensis mint) available from

These are usually dissolved in alcohol or propylene glycol PG.

Here I show you how to make a 10% solution in PG

Product can be purchased on the link below for £3

Lab Bottles here

Juices Available 10ml £3, 30ml £6, 50ml £9 100ml £18 250ml £40
Sister Agatha Sicilian Cheesecake
The Colonels Tobilla – Smooth vanilla and tobacco
Sparkleberry by The Kid – various berries
Miss Honey Dew’s China Palace – Lychee and magic
Bah Nah Nah Dream by the Kid – banana cream caramel
Rubus Black – blackberry tobacco
The Colonel’s Horcheluxe – Horchata and creamy custard
Marathon by the Kid – Chocolate, caramel and peanut
Citrus Blast – Citrus with menthol
Pandora – strawberries, apples and candy
Ganymede – Peaches and vanilla icecream – available as MAX VG too
Io – Apple, candyfloss and mint
Callisto – Melonfest and candy floss
Pluto – Melon mojito!
Montecristo – Havana cigar flavour
Red Honey – Lighter and sweeter cigar
Premium Marl – Golden tobacco cigarette flavour
Best Custard – says it all really – available as MAX VG too
Peach Yoghurt – fresh peachy taste with soft but tarty yoghurt
Strawberry Yoghurt – as above but sweet and ripe strawberries
Europa – Raspberry ripple icecream!
Bloob – Blueberry with light menthol
Horcheluxe – Vanilla and smooth horchata
Midnight Mint – Smooth chocolate, mint and delicate coconut
Strawberry Bliss – Strawberries, Kiwi and icecream available as MAX VG too
Berry Kicker – Multitude of berries with menthol, eucalyptus and magic!
Lemonyptus – Nasal clearing eucalyptus with lemon
Straw Muffin – Unmistakable taste of soft muffin with strawberry available as MAX VG too

Also available as a one shot concentrate – mix your own at home!

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(19287) Pure Menthol crystals and how to make 10% solution

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