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You lika Pizza? You lika Dogs? Today we make you a pizza you can’t refuse- learn to make Pizza from the Top culinary dog (And probably only one) in Italy!
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This is Pizza Dog, a native of the spiritual home of Pizza, Naples (Napoli if you are trying to impress an Italian) in Italy. He was born into an ordinary family home where his days were spend chasing cats, fetching balls and the occasional stick and long walks in the park. One day, after chasing a squirrel, he strolled past the restaurant of a well known Italian chef. The aromas coming from the restaurant were so mouth watering that he instantly knew what he wanted to become. After years of spending time in the kitchen, learning from the best and realising that he could harness his unique gift of opposable thumbs, the rest as they say is history. He became PIZZA DOG!

In this episode PIZZA dog shows you how to make his signature dish, the PIZZA delight ‘mama’ style. The recipe and method is simple as Pizza Pie and a closely guarded secret, but we will share it with you, mama mia! It is as follows:

· Take the dough, roll it flat with the stick
· Take more flour and the tomato sauce and spread it around
· Take mozzarella cheese and add it
· Add more mozzarella cheese
· And a little extra mozzarella cheese
· Add mushrooms and pepper
· Add some salami
· Put it in the oven and voila…

PIZZA Dog Delight…that looks like a burger…it is a burger…stop asking questions…

For a more human friendly Pizza that is easier to make here is a great recipe courtesy of our friend and fellow chef Jamie Oliver:


· 4 table Spoons Tomato Sauce
· 6 thin slices courgettes
· 8 fresh basil leaves
· 10 thin slices spicy salami
· 50g mozzarella
· Olive oil
· Sea salt
· Freshly ground black pepper


Smear your tomato sauce evenly over the pizza base. Lay over your courgettes and basil, then your salami- you want this to go on last so it goes crispy. Place small pieces of mozzarella in between the gaps, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook until crisp and golden.

For more great recipes from Jamie Oliver visit:

Stay tuned for more amazing recipes from PIZZA Dog!



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