Slime Sam is a great chef! He knows how to make a pizza with candy and all the other fun yummy recipes. The only thing he doesn’t know is how to make pizza at home WITH REAL SEA MONSTERS! Well, seafood, but it’s the same thing, really.
Sue bets Sam that she can make the best seafood pizza and while she’s at it Sam is trying to overcome his fears… Watch the video till the end to see Sam and Sue discussing YOUR comments from the previous episode SODA CAN ROBOT vs. SLIME SAM ( Watch the video, answer Sam and Sue’s questions in the comments below and get a shout-out in the next video!

2:08 – Pizza Dough Ingredients
2:52 – How to Make Pizza Dough (works for any pizza!)
4:41 – How to Knead Pizza Dough Like Hulk
5:30 – Pesto Sauce Ingredients
6:06 – How to Make Pesto Sauce
7:42, 8:26 – Pizza Toppings
8:03 – Pizza Baking Instructions
9:45 – Brain Pizza Taste Test!
10:13 – Comments from Our Viewers!

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