One of the best things of returning to Lima was having an opportunity to revisit some of our favorites restaurants in the city. At the top of the list in Manolo which specializes in delicious Peruvian sandwiches and Churros. We ended up ordering the triple sandwich which consists of avocado, tomato and egg and Churros con manjar blanco. Come find out why this is one of our favorite meals in Peru.

Manolo Restaurant
Address: Av Jose Larco 636, Miraflores 15074, Peru

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Peruvian Comfort Food: Triple Sandwich and Churros con Manjar blanco in Lima, Peru Travel Video Transcript:


Anyways, for today’s video we are filming Sandwiches Triples which are triple sandwiches. I guess these are going to have three layers of bread and we’re eating at one of our favorite eateries in all of Lima. This place is called Manolo and they specialize in Churros but they also have these humongous sandwiches so we’re back here again.

So Sam, can you count how many times we’ve been here already? I have no idea. I mean the first time we came to Lima last year I think this was the first restaurant we ever went to together. Yeah. So that is kind of special and we’ve had everything from sandwiches to lasagna to these giant pieces of lemon meringue pie and we’ve also had churros here as well. So we’re going for the sandwiches right now.

So first impressions, our food has arrived, and I asked our waiter is this sandwich big enough to share between two people? And he was like oh no this is small it is a personal size. Have a look at this. Are you kidding me? Personal size. That is massive. And that is not even the biggest one. The biggest one is the other one with chicken. Is the one you’re having.

And the other thing I’m noticing is that this only has two layers of bread. So I’m a bit confused because I assumed if it is called Triple it would have three layers of bread but apparently not. So, now we don’t even know what a triple sandwich means. Maybe it is three ingredients.

They really make some of the best sandwiches here at Manolo. It just never disappoints. This is just amazing. There is so much avocado and so much chicken and just the bread is so fluffy. It is just amazing. And you know what else? They gave us aji. This spicy yellow sauce.

So I have barely finished my first piece and Sam is already done his. Or just about. Yeah, pretty much. And what makes this sandwich really unique is that it doesn’t have crust. It is similar to the sandwich de miga that we were eating in Argentina as well. And that is really cool because you’re just eating the white part of the bread. And you can tell that they make the bread homemade here. Like it is really good quality. Except that I have to say these are way thicker than what you find in Argentina.

So I had to pack up half my sandwich in order to make room for dessert. But the good news is that now we can have churros. So have a look over here. These are the regular churros. So it is basically this long strip of deep-fried dough with a little bit of sugar on top. And we also have these special ones which are filled with manjar blanco which is quite similar to dulce de leche.

And that is not all. We also got hot chocolate so thick that Sam just calls it sauce. This is chocolate sauce. It is not even hot chocolate. I call it chocolate sludge. Sludge. Chocolate sludge.

Alright, show us what we came for. So we’re going to start off with just a regular churros here because it is perfect for dunking in the chocolate sauce.

He drowns it in chocolate. I drown it in chocolate. Look at how much chocolate.

Oh yeah. Look at that. With the manjar blanco. Dipped in chocolate.

I don’t think so. You’ve got so much chocolate covering it that you can’t even see the manjar blanco.

That combination is just spectacular. And this is fresh out of the fryer. Seriously, the filling is ooey and gooey and then you’ve got the chocolate and the sugar sprinkled all over.

Alright, time to do the math. What is the price point for this meal?

So it came to 80 Soles and so that is basically just over 20 US dollars.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine. All things Comida Peruana and Cocina Peruana.

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