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Perfect Kettle Pizza with the Kettle Pizza Deluxe Setup

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(27682) Perfect Kettle Pizza

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22 komentarze

  • Adrian Culbreath

    I have the pro version and it cooks almost too fast i have to babysit it… like under a minute and a half fast… but i do have that metal bake sheet cover so it does make a huge difference. I can do Neapolitan on the bottom on the stone and sicilian on top of the bake sheet

  • Crabby Hayes

    Thank you. My only negative comment – "crazy hot" IS the way to cook a pizza – crank the temp up to where the stone wants to be – in a high temp pizza oven the pizza gets charred and not rubbery – yum. If you aren't going beyond 500F, just use your oven.

  • Steven Frank

    So I’m a professional chef and I have a wood fired pizza location so I’m familiar with cooking pizzas. My wife bought me a new copper Weber for Father’s Day so I decided to get the KP to go with instead of the Uuni thanks to watching your videos!

    So today was my first cook, I noticed one thing, the stone seemed to burn the bottom. We were definitely in the 700-750 convection temp but I noticed a slightly lighter color on the top of the pizza, the bottom was almost too charred. I cooked 3 – 12” pizzas and the last one cooked perfectly.
    Did you have this problem or any trouble shooting? I also did not but the KP stone, I had one previously, seems slightly thinner that the KP one

  • Andy Kim

    Nice review. Though in the Kettlepizza manual. It says to add some coals directly under the pizza if you are using the stone. Did you find that the bottom of the pizzas were cooked enough?

  • Marcus Vespasian

    Man make fire,man cook food on fire…that’s what my wife says every time I bbq.
    I have the Uuni2… my Weber master touch is sat in it box, waiting for Father’s Day!
    This looks a lot less faff than constantly feeding wood pellets into the Uuni whilst trying to get the folks/kids organised making their pizzas!
    Great informal but in informative video once again.
    Cheers from the U.K.

  • radbcc

    First time to your channel, very folksy (but not ignorant) style combined with a thorough review. All the links appreciated, thanks… I agree with another response, I would have liked to have seen the pizza charred a bit more… take care…

  • Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

    This is a great video! I truly appreciate you doing this, about to make the investment in a Weber Kettle… this is one of a couple attachments I want. I have a competition smoker that is huge, looking for something I can do all night smokes in, then transfer to my Yoder Offset. I see you have the unni peel… do you have a unni pizza oven as well? If so, how does it compare, because I was looking at that too… Much appreciated, I am a young YouTube Channel trying to get all kinds of videos out there! (update)… I see you have an Unni Pizza over vs Weber Kettle, I am going to watch that now!!)

  • daikuone

    Just got my Uuni Pro today. New to making Pizza, so will be reviewing your channel. Let me know if you haven any questions about it.

  • cmbdad

    Really informative video, can't wait for your next video where you will compare the pizza kettle to the unni 3. I'm looking to get some sort of pizza oven but am undecided on what type to purchase. I already own a Weber kettle so I'm sort of leaning in that way but haven't made up my mind yet. I have some questions but they will probably be answered in your next video.

  • MtKayak1

    You know what it takes for a great pizza on a Webber I really enjoyed your cook. You know how to entertain and cook at the same time… Cook On    …..

  • joemygawd

    Looking forward the the uuni vs video. Did you order a Uuni pro? If you dust your peel with flour you can omit the cornmeal and have one less thing to do like scrape your stone between pizza's.

  • john gies

    Looks awesome. I just cooked my first pizza on my Weber kettle and it was great. Try putting olive oil/garlic on the edge of the crust. Browns the crust beautifully. Thank you for the review. I will be looking at getting this in the near future.

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