Happy new week, my Suellies! Today’s meal consists of Mafaldine, or reginette. Don’t they look like skinny lasagne noodles. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? I hadn’t either until I discovered it at Eataly (EAT-taly) L.A. This fun spacious food marketplace / restaurants showcases fresh pasta, interesting imported drinks, fun kitchen gadgets, and lots and lots of ITALIAN food! You name it – there were stinky cheeses, prosciutto legs hanging, flat bread pizzas, roasted chicken & potatoes, focaccia bakery counter, seafood, fancy chocolate and fruit tarty desserts… etc. It was a little foodie’s bite of heaven.

I really enjoyed perusing the aisles and admiring all the exotic international packaging. Different fruit flavors, truffle olive oils, prettily decorated jars of secret raspberry compotes. I felt so inspired and elated that I need not purchase a plane ticket to be transported to Italy. I can just hop down to my Century City Mall for a change in scenery. Buon appetito! ?

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