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Kick Your Parties Up A Notch with New TOSTITOS Rolls! Chips!
tostitos-rolls When it comes to throwing a great party, you have to start with the snacks. Something simple and delicious is key which is why I’m a fan of chips and dip. A bowl of chips with a spicy salsa or zesty queso will get my seal of approval every time. That’s why I’m excited to share with you our latest snack made for dipping and dunking — TOSTITOS Rolls! tortilla chips!

With its tube-like shape and hearty crunch, TOSTITOS Rolls! tortilla chips should be the guest of honor to your party spread. While it’s especially awesome with TOSTITOS Queso Blanco dip, below are some other ways you can enjoy this great new snack.

Are you a football fan? Stand TOSTITOS Rolls! tortilla chips up in a deep-dish dip and score with edible goal posts.
Host a “dip-off” with the party people in your life. Ask each guest to bring their best chip-challenged dip to the party and battle out whose holds up the best against TOSTITOS Rolls! tortilla chips.
Experienced the dreaded “dip wrist” lately? We’ve all been there. That inevitable moment when you reach into the dip jar, only to pull out a sleeve covered in dip. TOSTITOS Rolls! tortilla chips are here to help, preventing cheesy knuckles one dunk at a time.

TOSTITOS® tortilla chips and dips are the life of the party. Whether you’re watching the game with friends or throwing a giant backyard barbecue, TOSTITOS® has the must-have chips and dips to pump up the fun!

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