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This delicious and unique style Paya Soup Recipe is a flavourful aromatic dish. Paya soup or paya shorba is a traditional South Asian food. It is served at festivals and made on special occasions.The main ingredients are goat trotters, onions, ginger, garlic and other magical Indian spices. A very delicious and easy to make Paya soup

The paya has its origins in the south and Central Asian cuisines. Subsequently, paya became popular in the Indian sub-continent. Recipes for this dish vary regionally. The paya soup is prepared using onions, ginger and garlic paste and a number of curry-based spices and garnished with fresh herbs and a dash of lemon juice.

In the older days, Paya delicacies where cooked on slow heat for hours on a stove. But nowadays it is cooked in a pressure cooker which makes cooking easy and fast.

Here, I shown an interesting, flavored and aromatic paaya soup recipe which you will love to make again and again.
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