What happens when an English major stumbles upon a world-class kitchen like Chez Panisse? A new culinary voice that stands out in the noise of endless cookbooks, how-to videos, and recipes.

To those who have worked with Samin Nosrat, a writer, New York Times food columnist, and now best-selling cookbook author, her success is no surprise. She’s been called „America’s next great cooking teacher” by none other than chef Alice Waters. Nosrat learned how to cook from Waters at Chez Panisse, but also in Italy with chefs Benedetta Vitali and Dario Cecchini. Despite her work with professional chefs and other big names in the food industry like Michael Pollan, Nosrat says her true goal is to be a champion of the home cook. „What I’ve always tried to do as a cooking teacher is to teach people how to think about cooking,” she says.

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FOODporn.pl Meet Samin Nosrat, the Champion of Home Cooks

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