I noticed one worker wearing gloves so I looked at the guy in black shirt making the sandwiches, and he wasnt wearing gloves so I start recording and I saw him go in back then come back n get stuff out of the freezer then wipe sweat off his face and keep making food, and when he notices me recording him, HE FLIPS OUT !, and another worker asks me to stop recording so I did but the worker asks me why im recording and I said instead of asking me that, you should be asking him why isnt he wearing gloves cause I saw him touching all kinds of things plus the sweat off his face, and the worker says its against the law so I said no it isnt but if you think so then call the cops but I dont want him making my food cause I work hard for my money, and Im not gonna pay for someone to taint my food with all kinds of shit that will make me sick…and the worker tells the guy in black shirt to put on gloves but the guy starts talking shit so I said dont talk shit because you wouldnt want someone making your food touching all kinds of shit either…Also if you watch the black girl she drops a spatula on floor and picks up and puts right back on counter without washing it…DIRTY ASS MCDONALDS !



FOODporn.pl McDonalds worker not wearing gloves while making my food and FLIPS OUT !

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    I worked at McDonald's once and I went to the bathroom and I shit, while I was wiping I got shit on my hand, I never washed my hand and I worked in the back where no one saw me and I was making quarter pounders all day and touching the onions and meat and bread with my bare hands. Back then, in 2005 they didn't make is wear gloves. I didn't care because the customers were rude as fuck. I did it intentionally with the hope someone would get sick.

  • Kindred Lebel

    I’m a manager at McDonald’s. If I see crew making bacon, or touching ready to serve food without gloves they are going home. It is the law in the United States. You cannot touch ready to eat food without gloves, or utensils of some kind. You pulling off the paper on bacon and watching it burn your hand and you dropping it back on the bacon is a NO GO.

  • Jesse Romero

    I think all restaurant's should be required to wear gloves when preparing food and meals for famliy's or persons in general for hygiene perpose's.Just think what if a employee went to use the restroom witch happens from time to time and they forgot to wash there hands because he or she was busy and had alot of customers.

  • Billy Kelly

    I worked at mc donalds for 10 years the wages are so shit we would spit on every burger and if u went to the toilet it was the supervisors job to make sure u take the salad in with you and loss on it . Was fun at the time but looking back now I work in kfc it was wrong . I like to see how much chicken poocorn I can fit in my ass before serving to a customer lol still wrong but it's funny to watch them eat it ?

  • dev koh

    I work at mcdonalds if you are working table making the burgers your required to wear gloves latex gloves and not to mention person doing grill should be wearing latex or blue disposable gloves when dropping product! And when or if you sneeze or touch any exposed body part was your hands or use hand sanitizer my store is very clean I work for store in Missouri!

  • Black knight

    I work at Mcdonalds and here's a list in order of the worst types of customers

    Veterans over the age of 65

    Any old person usually sucks but except for the regulars

    Customers that don't brush their teeth or smell like shit

    Schemers will be schemers and there's alotta broke boys out there who scheme on Mcdonalds for food.

    Customers that don't speak a lick of English and come through the drive thru

    Anyone that gives an attitude or tells me how to do my job could suck a fat dick

    People who let there child say there order need to stop being lazy

    I stay blessing at mcs but not to any of those types of skells that ct to mcs

  • Matt Coffee

    i worked at mcdonalds. tray of meat fell on floor. teh owners son told me to pick it up and put it back in the cabinet. i did lmao…i was a teenager, funny shit…oh yeah, and 5 second rules back then……5seconds to get anything that hit the floor!

  • th3azscorpio

    I worked at Mc Donald's when I was 20 for my first job, and stuff like this was very common place. In fact I witnessed them cut corners on a lot of shit lol. This was back in 2014, and Though I never used to eat Mc Donald's like that before working there, I damn sure don't eat there now.

  • Carrying_the_cross453

    I realized that the guy in front of the camera with the blue shirt and glasses didn't do anything after he turned around and noticed you recording. On the contrary, he turned back around and didn't do anything so im guessing he already knows how bad the black shirt dude is so he was on your side to help expose and stop the black shirt guy for good. Thumbs up for him!!??. Im pretty sure they hired some better employees. Happy new year to all of you by the way

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