I noticed one worker wearing gloves so I looked at the guy in black shirt making the sandwiches, and he wasnt wearing gloves so I start recording and I saw him go in back then come back n get stuff out of the freezer then wipe sweat off his face and keep making food, and when he notices me recording him, HE FLIPS OUT !, and another worker asks me to stop recording so I did but the worker asks me why im recording and I said instead of asking me that, you should be asking him why isnt he wearing gloves cause I saw him touching all kinds of things plus the sweat off his face, and the worker says its against the law so I said no it isnt but if you think so then call the cops but I dont want him making my food cause I work hard for my money, and Im not gonna pay for someone to taint my food with all kinds of shit that will make me sick…and the worker tells the guy in black shirt to put on gloves but the guy starts talking shit so I said dont talk shit because you wouldnt want someone making your food touching all kinds of shit either…Also if you watch the black girl she drops a spatula on floor and picks up and puts right back on counter without washing it…DIRTY ASS MCDONALDS !



FOODporn.pl McDonalds worker not wearing gloves while making my food and FLIPS OUT !

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