Want to know how to cook the perfect soft- or hard-cooked egg? Or the fluffiest scramble? Martha shares these and other secrets as she teaches viewers all they need to know about eggs, the world’s most versatile protein. Whether you like your egg over easy or sunny-side up, Martha shows you how to prepare them properly every time, with easy-to-master techniques and tips. You’ll learn a clever method for frying eggs, a surefire omelet recipe, and the key to a foolproof frittata.

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 Soft & Hard Boiled Eggs
7:58 How to make scrambled eggs
10:02 How to fry an egg
13:38 How to make an egg frittata
20:47 How to make an omelet

Inspired by the eponymous best-selling book, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School gives home cooks a culinary master class with Martha herself. Each week, she will demonstrate classic cooking techniques and basics. Using her signature step-by-step, how-to teaching process, Martha illustrates cooking fundamentals that everyone should know: from roasting and poaching to braising and blanching. In addition, Martha shares tips in every 30-minute episode, inspiring and educating home cooks everywhere.

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This Episode originally aired on PBS as Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Season 1 Episode 1.

Full Recipes:
Frittata with Fingerling Potatoes –
Soft- and Hard-Cooked Eggs –
Scrambled Eggs –
Herb-Filled Omelet –
Fried Egg –

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Eggs | Martha’s Cooking School S1E1 “Eggs” | Martha Stewart



FOODporn.pl Martha Stewart Teaches You How to Cook Eggs | Martha's Cooking School S1E1 "Eggs" | Martha Stewart

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