I have finally made an end grain wooden cutting board. It is a pizza cutting board that looks like a pepperoni pizza. The construction of the cutting board is a center ring of yellow heart made of 12 triangular segments. Around that with a random curvy edge is a ring of cherry wood making the crust of the pizza. Inserted into the top of the board are 22 slices of pepperoni made from padauk. I milled the edge between the cheese and the crust and the holes for the pepperoni on a CNC router. I used a more traditional segment making method on the table saw to make the segments for the cheese and crust.

Some of the tools used in this project

Cantilever Clamps:
KANT TWIST Quick Acting Fixture Clamp:
Milwaukee 18-volt Compact Drill:
Oshlun 8-1/2-Inch Negative Hook Finishing ATB Saw Blade :
Freud 8-1/2-Inch Saw Blade ://amzn.to/2qtNTfT
Amana 16 Inch Saw Blade:
1/2-Inch Cutting bit:
FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle:
3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff:
3M Reusable Respirator:
3M Particulate Filter P100:
Moffatt Task Lamp:
Bessey Strap Clamp:
Wixey WR410 8-Inch Digital Protractor:
Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Gauge:

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FOODporn.pl Making a Wood Pizza Cutting Board

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