So many bullfrogs were out so I decided to catch more frogs than fish and cook ’em up in my portable fryer and make a sandwich out of ’em! Let me tell you – FROG LEGS ARE DELICIOUS!

From now on, I am keeping a tiny frog lure on me so I can add frog legs to my fish cooks when I am out exploring…

Keep trying new things and leveling up in real life!


What YOU need for a successful catch and cook!

-Frying Pan
-Filet Knife
-Cutting Board (optional – sometimes I just clean on logs I find)
-Lemon (optional)’
-Hand Cloth

-Fishing Pole
-Tackle Box
-Worms or Other Live Bait
-Cool with Ice and Drinks
-A Snack (to rescue you when you fish too long and are STARVING)
-1 Can of Chili (in case you don’t catch anything)


A list of all the FANCY stuff I use in this video:

Music by Julian Avila:

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(2278815) Making a FROG Sandwich – Catch n’ Cook Bullfrogs!

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