Easy to make and refreshing lemon & mint iced tea recipe, a perfect addition to your summer drinks list. Try it and share your feedback.

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6 glasses water
12-15 tsp sugar
3 tea bages
7-5 small mint leaves
1 lemon/lime

1. keep pot on medium heat. add 3 cups water, sugar & mint leaves & stir occasionally till sugar dissolves
2. let the water come to a boil then let it boil for 30 seconds more
3. put off heat & take the pot off. dip the tea bags in the water & cover with a lid. let them steep fpr 3 minutes
4. remove the tea bags. stir & cover with mesh. let cool for about 5 minutes
6. squeeze the lemon into the tea. stir well & strain it out into the 3 glasses of unheated water
7. from the tea mixture pour some water (about a glass or two) in ice trays & keep in freezer to freeze
8. transfer the rest to a jar & keep to chill in the fridge
9. to serve
fill a glass with the tea ice cubes & then pour chilled tea into it. garnish with a slice of lemon & a sprig of fresh mint and serve


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