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Let’s start this party off with some food
So I had never been here and Elyse suggested it now everyone knows I love food and this place was like home for me lol

If you would like to join us on any of our outings or game nights please contact petty?jewel

All guest :

@jewel_goofy (petty?jewel) ,
@trilldragons & @kizeezilee (takeoff ? man)
@mason_hunt_12 (ChefboiRwhiteboi)
@brisket_ea (Elyse )


@Brisket87 (Elyse)
@jewelmonte (petty?jewel)
@masonjames12 (ChefboiRwhiteboi)
@KizeeZilee (takeoff ? man)



FOODporn.pl Jewels Foodporn: Lets Eat Ep1: Bistro B

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