hip hop fans should recognize the very beginning of this song as one of the many samples in Gang Starr’s 1989 debut single „Words I Manifest.” this track is simply amazing. everything from Dizzie’s amazing trumpet playing to the infectious sound of the vibes that are sprinkled throughout the track. Dizzie Gillespie is famous for being one of the founders of Bebop, modern (along with Charlie Parker) and Cuban influenced Jazz. he died in January of 1993 but left his legacy behind. the pictures on this video show his face looking like that of a blowfish. his face looked like this because he never had any formal instruction on playing the trumpet but learned to play it anyways which damaged his face. you may recognize the style of trumpet he is playing; horn pointing upward. this was his signature and he was the very first to do this. he is also considered by many the first ever beat nick. enjoy.



FOODporn.pl Jazz Classics: Dizzy Gillespie – A Night In Tunisia

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