Something smells real good
Fresh, hot, oh yeah
I can almost taste it
I love it, wait no I hate it
It’s like temptation
It’s like something
I want but I can’t have
They just want to take it away
Before they even gave it to me
It’s… eh… don’t try to tease me
You just wanna please me
just gimme peace of mind
I want my piece of the pie

I want some Pizza of The Gods
I want my Pizza of The Gods
I want my piece of the pie
I want my piece of mind

Ima push through, all you pussies
Ima pursue, all of my dreams
til they come true
with persistence,
til my perception’s
permanently corrected,
protected, perfected
Her perfume is so elegant
My performance got per diem
Got my proof of purchase
in perpetual twilite
The aurora borealis

Now I’ve got a purple aura
Was just a poor unfortunate soul
Like Ursula, I couldn’t sing one note
Now I’m impersonating
Percy Jackson
at the pearly gates,
persuaded St. Pete
I’m a very important person
Flashing VIP pass, he confirmed it
Got my valet parking permit
and a chauffer, personal assistant
manager & an escort service

Every door of opportunity is open
Before they come knocking,
that I’d like to lock in & confirm it
Confirm my order
Special delivery, room 27
I’ll get some extra breadsticks
& some marinara sauce on the side

of my Pizza of The Gods
taste that Pizza of The Gods

just don’t feed the demons
got you licking your lips
got you swinging your hips
It’s on the tip of your toungue

just don’t feed the demons
no please don’t break another
piece of my heart (Janis)
tearing me to pieces
Aw Jesus,
Jesus I’d just leave this world behind
If I could just get my hands
on a slice of the pie,
the pie in the sky

Pizza Pie, in the sky
it’s the Pizza Of The Gods

can I get the side salad?
I gotta have it
How about The Fountain Soda of Youth
Ya I found my proof of purchase,
Ya I found the Truth, that’s the Truth
I was nervous, I thought I lost it
I was searching all over my closet
and my wallet, every jean jacket pocket,
everything man I thought I dropped it
& it was gone with the wind man
Thought it was just forgotten

But nope, I still got it
Immortal soul, like Johnny Rotten
Ya I’m hip hop’s Bing Crosby
I sing songs like a bluesy,
jacuzzi ukulelee
You & Me & two ladies
We could be making two babies (twin babies)
In a mercedes, jaguar behind me
is honking going crazy, traffic crosstown,
like Jimi Hendrix, manic depression,
switching stations, switching lanes
burning rubber on the pavement
Double tag it, Double bag it
No diggity, got swagger
No swishers, no smoking in my whip
I’ll whop you one, you’ll get a whoopin

Watch it, plus,
we’ve got pizza’s to deliver

It’s like a slice of heaven,
just a sliver

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