For 5 days, I ate a burger for lunch and a cake for snack. I survived. :)

I think it goes without saying but I did also eat the rest of my meals and snacks throughout the days.



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(29475) I Ate a Burger and Cake Everyday for 5 Days | Anorexia Recovery

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  • Hannah Ashley

    Wow I’m super proud of you for recognizing the areas you need to grow in and working on them. I do have a question though, when you have those nights like on day 4 where you’re sill hungry, do you honor your hunger or restrict because “you already did well and ate” kinda thing?

  • Andzia Zach

    I have never had an eating disorder, but been overweight most of my life. "Pack on the pounds" sign on a burger would make me feel uncomfortable.

  • Emily SilverSkinned

    This video really helped me feel a lot better… I’m in my thesis year at university and so I’ve been ordering delivery a lot since I’m so busy with schoolwork. I’ve been feeling awful about it, as if my life is going to be ruined by ordering dinner a couple days a week… But seeing you eat a burger and cake every day and still be your lovely self at the end of it made me think, “what am I scared of?!” If I can afford delivery and if it helps me get through the week, then what’s wrong with that! Thank you :)

  • EllaMae

    I'd love if you did a workout video! Or just a general exercise routine you do, I'm trying to focus on this at the moment alongside having a healthy, balanced diet and would love to see what you do :)

  • Liv _

    I have a challenge if you see this: Go out to eat at least 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days. It doesn’t have to be a full meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) at a restaurant it can be maybe a snack from a bakery, fast food restaurant, cafe, etc. I think maybe you should do at least one full meal out tho. So as an example one day you could go to a cafe and get food and then go out to a restaurant for dinner later.
    Idk just a thought that might be interesting I don’t know if maybe you do this already but I thought it would be a good suggestion
    Sorry if you didn’t understand the challenge it’s kind of late where I live so I’m not using my best writing skills.
    Love your vids and keep going strong with your ED. You do deserve this!!

  • lisa haywood

    Hi Rebecca,

    I absolutely love your videos! When you were talking about not engaging with your thoughts about body image, this is something that really helped me with my eating disorder recovery and the book that helped me with it was a book called "the happiness trap". It is an amazing book. It is very short and easy to read but absolutely changed my eating disorder! I would highly recommend.

    Hope it helps.

  • Holly Rose

    I used to have foot long subways almost every day, just last week! But recently I’ve been scared of the calories. I’m going to challenge myself to one. I can do this! Ad body image doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat!

  • Sofia Belkina

    You're just amazing, you're helping me so much with this type of videos, I feel like I'm not alone in this catastrophe and constant feelings that if I'll eat something different my world will fall down.

  • Clare Borden

    How is it that you feel comfortable filming yourself eating? (I'm trying to recover but cant get past being anxious about other people watching me eat)

  • blank account idk

    I ate absolutely disgustingly today. I went to a halloween party and I started out with some veggies and hummus(yummy and healthy) and then some fruit, and then brownies topped with gooey marshmallows, and walnut pumpkin bread, and halloween candy, and homemade vanilla meringues, and an obscene amount of chips with guacamole and salsa, and then more brownies, and rice krispies AND a slice of pizza. And you know what? I loved it. Besides the massive stomach ache, I feel fantastic right now. This is the first time in months I don’t know how many calories I’ve eaten today, though I know it’s way above a healthy amount. I feel bloated, but thanks to watching this video and other videos on this channel, I know one “bad” day isn’t going to ruin my body. I definitely didn’t eat intuitively, I was full long before I stopped eating, but I feel so free with food right now. My body knew what I wanted and now in the future I can be better at providing it what it wants and knowing that I can stop. Im going to try to eat whatever my body craves tomorrow. Im assuming it will be mostly fruits and veggies because my body tends to want those after processed food overloads, but if my body wants another candy or treat, Im going to challenge myself and eat it. Tomorrow doesn’t need to be a fix for today because nothing went wrong today. I ate too much and but that doesn’t mean I have to eat too little. Now i need to sleep because I feel like i’m going to explode.

  • Max Huntsman

    Well done gorgeous!! That looked tough but you killed it and I'm very proud ♥️ Ya girl is doing her final exams this week so I've been living off kebabs and it's been scary but gooood

  • sen

    THANK YOU so much for this video it is so inspirational and I've been challenging myself and going ahead with what I am really craving instead of choosing something healthier :)

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