Cleaning the glass in the oven door is a special job that requires a screwdriver. In my oven Westinghouse oven there is 2 bits of glass joined together by 2 screws. In this video I demonstrate how to separate the 2 bits of glass and how to clean them (and the oven door) without the use of any harsh chemicals.
You do need to be careful as the last thing that you want to do is break the glass. I’ll discuss other things that you need to take into consideration when cleaning this bit.
And make sure it is all dry properly! At the end, I had to undo it and dry it a second time and them re-screw everything back into place. Do the job and do it properly!
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Active Domestic Cleaning videos are intended to demonstrate methods of cleaning within a domestic setting. As I am recording these videos I’m in my own home, not doing these jobs as a paid professional.


(121) How to clean oven glass door?

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