Here’s how I canned tomato soup. This soup is similar to store bought only much better. It does not result in a concentrated soup, it is ready to heat and eat. The recipe is from a book called „Putting Food By”. If you found this video helpful, be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified of any videos I upload in the future. It doesn’t cost anything. Also, be sure to check out mhpgardener’s channel. He has a lot of great gardening advice.

Country Tomato Soup

Makes about 4 1/2 quarts

Wash 1 peck (8 quarts) of ripe red tomatoes; remove blossom and stem ends and cores; cut in pieces. In a large kettle, cook and stir the tomatoes until soft – about 15 minutes. Push the pulp and juice through a wire strainer or food mill to remove skins and seeds; return the puree to the kettle (I cut up my tomatoes and run them through the food strainer raw).

Cook together until soft (in enough water just to cover) 3 large onions and 2 green peppers – all finely chopped. (I used 2 onions and 1 pepper) Sieve and add to the pureed tomatoes in the kettle.

Mix together 3/4 cup of sugar and 8 tablespoons of regular Clear Jel; blend in 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and just enough water or cool tomato juice to make a smooth paste. (Optional – add 2 tablespoons of salt to the paste) Pour slowly into the tomato mixture, stirring all the while. Heat to boiling and stir until the liquid clears.

Pack hot only, in jars. Pour boiling hot soup into clean, hot jars, leaving 3/4 inch of headroom for pints, 1 1/4 inches for quarts. Adjust the lids. Pressure process at 10 pounds pressure for 20 minutes for pints, 30 minutes for quarts.

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