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Episode 41 TEASER: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

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If I had to pick my top favorite Asian dishes I loved ❣️while growing up, this would definitely be on the list. I have so many great childhood memories 😃 associated with this soup and I often crave all the amazing elements of this meal; the bold flavor of this savory soup, the tender beef chunks, the long, chewy noodles… my mouth is actually watering right now!

There are restaurants around that literally serve JUST Beef Noodle Soup… it’s THAT good! However, as is the case with eating out, it’s hard to call this a healthy meal because it often contains too much oil and fat in the soup and of course the big bad MSG for flavor.

So, while it takes a number of steps to finally get to the eating part, I find it SO worth it to know 💯% in my bowl.

If you are new to my show, check out the all of Season 1 of Healthy Organic Asian recipes on my channel! 😁🥒🥙🥠🍣🥟🍜🍚🍅🍍 Full episode coming soon and until then, enjoy this teaser vid. .
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(233) HOIA TEASER: HEALTHY ORGANIC Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup | Diane Yang Kirk