Paola & Stella’s entry for Jamie Oliver and Uncle Ben’s Search for a Food Tube Star
Gelato al Riso Nero (Black Rice Gelato) Recipe –

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Don’t have an ice cream maker at home! No panic, you can still try this recipe, here’s how:
– Follow all the steps up to the point of cooling, then instead of putting in the fridge place directly in the freezer, preferably in a metal or ceramic bowl (retains the cold better).
– After 20 mins take it out and give it a good whisk, folding and mixing the harder part with the soft.Then place in the freezer again.
– After 20 mins. repeat the process.
– Do this 4 or 5 times, every time you should notice the mixture becoming harder, more like ice cream!
– For a denser texture live in freezer overnight.

Try and let us know what you think! Thanks for watching :)


(3717) Gelato Riso Nero for Jamie Oliver Food Tube by La Coppola Gelato

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