Betel leaves or paan patta are eulogized by ayurveda acharyas for their immense medicinal properties. Betel plant or Piper betle is a vine which belongs to Piperacea family. This vine has heart shaped leaves and is mostly grown in South East Asia. In Sanskrit it is known as Nagavallari ( a vine which creeps like a naga or serpent) or Sapthashira (a leaf which contains seven veins).

The health benefits of betel leaves are masked due to its usage in Quid. A quid is a small parcel in which areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco powder etc are wrapped in betel leaf. These Quids are chewed to get a high. A large population of South East Asia consumes quids which are known to cause cancer. This may be due to irritants which are used with betel leaves. Many studies have shown that betel leaves have anti cancer properties.

According to principles of ayurveda these leaves are light to digest and hot in potency. They balance vata and kapha, but vitiate pitta. The following uses of betel leaves are indicated in ayurveda.
1.Betel leaves increases the metabolism of your body as it is used as a digestive aid
2.Betel leaf increases the mucous quantity in the stomach and prevents from the dangerous effects of gastric acids by which acid secretions are reduced
3.Betel leaf contains high fiber, that helps to get rid of toxins from the stomach
4.Betel leaf helps in getting relieve from constipation
Peppercorns helps in the promotion of sweating and urination by which excess water and toxins goes away from the body
5.Betel leaf and peppercorns help in reduce weight.


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