Cancion de fondo , Sia – Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix)
relanzamiento por dificultad en el audio : (one half)


– 1/2 Box Ferrero Rocher (8 units)
– 50 grs. ground hazelnuts
– 250 grs. Nutella cream
– ½ l. of cream (500 milliliters)
– 100 grs. milk.
– 2 eggs white.
– 50 grs. Chocolate with milk. Not fondant. (She amend in a comment later)
– 6 gelatin sheets

Coverage ingredients: (one half):

– 100 grs. cream.
– 100 grs. chocolate milk
– 30 grs. butter.
– 1 gelatin sheet.
– 30 grs. ground hazelnuts.
– 1 Edible Golden Spray.

• Put 400 grs. of cream very cold into a mixer machine and whip. Be careful not mix too much, but you get butter. Put into the fridge.
• Whip 2 egg white at room temperature with a whisk until obtains a foam texture. Set apart.
• In a little bowl put 6 gelatine blades with cold water until be hydrated.
• Put chocolate, milk and Nutella cream into a pan and heat. Stir with a spoon or spatula to dissolve. Once we blended until creamy add the hydrated gelatin blades (well drained). We also add the hazenuts (50 grs. aprox.).
• Once all the components are integrated remove from heat and let cool until be lukewarm. Put this mixture in a bowl bigger and add whipped cream with encircling movements. Then, add the foamed white eggs.
• Finally add Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

The recipient that was used in this video is a giant lollipop (2 halves of a sphere). We can find it in candy stores filled with many lollipops (at least in Spain).

• Fill both recipients with plastic film and, in one of them, put a biscuit onto the bottom of one of the halves of the sphere for the purpose of giving stability to our Ferrero Rocher.
• Fill half of the sphere with the cream. Try to leave the top as smooth as possible with the object of placing the other half on top.
• Put both halves into the freezer for at least 4 hours or in the fridge overnight.
• Unmold one half and put in a small dish. Put the other half over the previous.

– Put gelatine sheet to hydrate with water
– Put butter, chocolate and cream into a pan to dissolve. Add gelatine hydrated sheet. Set apart and keep warm.
– Put hazelnuts over the sphere and press until be glued.
– Cover it with chocolate cream (use a rack over a plate). Put on the fridge.
– Finally, use the edible golden spray to cover it completely.

Use a brown cardboard folded to decorate around.


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