Explore Riverside Together (ERT)
“Riverside Proud: Growing Through Discovery”

Many residents new and old are unaware of much of the city’s history, landmarks, and many diverse activities within our borders. Some residents do not recognize the benefits of living here – convenient shopping, entertainment, and activities for the whole family, plus the many educational choices for students of all ages.

Conduct a one-day Kick-off Event, followed by a year-long event promoting all things Riverside.

This project will encourage local residents to explore Riverside, building pride and community knowledge that will extend into other communities and encourage others to visit, relocate, and raise a family here.

This project would offer several options for exploring Riverside.

The first being a one-day kick-off event where each family can sign up for a Discovery Pass. Each Discovery pass will offer a single mode of transportation: walking, riding, driving, or running. At each location, families photograph themselves having fun and upload their pics on to our ERT app. This is then forwarded to social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat.

After the kick-off event, we will post monthly meetups for the next 11 months such as;
Family Fun Day featuring a different park each month, possible two a month.
Millennial/GenZ Meet Ups at coffee shops, food lab, etc.
History & Heritage Routes where we will feature a few historical locations

We have gained critical support and networking from the Mayor’s office, Riverside Police Department, Riverside Council PTA, Riverside Magazine, 100 Mile Club and many more!
This project will include updating “100 Things to Do In Riverside,” a book produced by the City of Riverside while producing our own book called “More than 100 Things to do in Riverside”

Our first two major sponsors are Riverside BMW and Better Homes & Gardens Realty and many more will be added soon. They will benefit by being see on our website, print materials and through social media.

In addition to acting as a fundraiser for My Learning Studio OUTREACH (MLSO), this year-long program will encourage residents to explore what is already in their own backyard. We hope to engage a least of 10% of the 324,722 person population through powerful partnerships in the community.

MLSO, on the other hand, will serve more families in more areas by gaining sponsors and community awareness. The funding will be dedicated to growing our staff, volunteers, and client list in order to offer more small group and 1:1 tutoring to those who need it; this may be based on financial situation, foster, adopted, at-risk, or court appointed children. Exceptional and personalized tutoring will be made more accessible for our community through discounted and free tutoring in libraries, schools, and as always, in our private studio.

All the while, we will be growing our pride in Riverside together!

My Learning Studio OUTREACH
17086 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside, CA 92504
(951) 789-5402



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