Easy low carb meals – Pizza Casserole Dinner
Weight Loss Journey 2018 Day 18 Weight in Results!

Intermittent Fasting today was 23 hours with 1 hour eating
I did OMAD today!

I made low carb pizza casserole
Step 1: spread 1 lb ground beef thinly on the glass plan.
This will be your crust.
Step 2: season the meat as you like. I put black pepper, minced garlic, jalapenos, bell pepper
Step 3: bake for 10 minutes
Step 4: drain fat
Step 5: Add your filler. I used 2 bags of cauliflower. I pre steamed it.
Step 6. Add some cheese whatever you like lol
Step 7: Add low carb pizza sauce, marinara, or spaghetti sauce
Step 8: Top with cheese again. I like mozzarella at the top
Step 9: Add whatever pizza toppings you like I used turkey pepperoni
Step 10: Bake till the top has a golden pizza look

This is so low carb!

If you are new please watch my weight loss journey from Day 1

I ate only what is shown in the thumbnail of this video
2 eggs, pepperjack cheese, cream cheese, ground beef, cabbage, sour cream, Honduran enchilada sauce, double cheese burger! Total Carbs 20 or less I think lol

Starting Weight 9/27/18 – 273.2
Height 5’9″ Age 40

Day 1 9/28-270.2 lost 3 lbs
Day 2 9/29-269.4 lost .8lbs
Day 3 267.4 lost 2 lbs
Day 4 266.8 lost .6 lbs
Day 5 265.5 lost 1.2bs
Day 6 262.8 lost 2.8 lbs Snake Diet Day 1/5
Day 7 262 lost .8 lbs Snake Diet Day 2/5
Day 8 259.2 lost 2.8lbs Snake Diet Day 3/5
Day 9 259.0 lost .2 lbs Snake Diet Day 4/5
Day 10 257.0 lost 2 lbs Snake Diet Day 5/5
Day 11 256.4 lost .6lbs OMAD (one meal a day)
Day 12 256.0 lost .4lbs Intermittement Fasting 18:6
Day 12 2 hrs exercise completed YAY
Day 13 2 hrs exercise completed
Day 13 257.2 gained 1.2 lbs NO BUENO :(
Day 14 260.8 lbs gained 3.6 lbs did no workout!
Day 15 261 gained .2lbs
Day 16 259.0 lost 2 lbs YAY!!
Day 17 258.2 lbs lost .8 lbs
Day 18 256.6 lbs lost 1.6 1lbs So stoked!!! OMAD IF 23/1

The goal for steady consistent weight loss is a mix of extended fasting, intermittent fasting, and OMAD or one meal a day for the losing weight fast.

After trying so many things to lose weight the above methods work
the best for my body and mind and I want to make it a healthy

I am creating a playlist data base with other youtubers that are experts in the fields of fasting, intermittent fasting, OMAD, weight loss as well as exercise and weight lifting.

I want to do OMAD or intermittent fasting with one of the following eating windows: 23/1 18/6 16/8 or 20/4 I think I can follow these intermittent eating plan for life. We shall see.

The water fasting is a temporary fix. I would like to do them after maintenance here and there. I know dry fasting is healthy in cell /health repair so I would like to do that at least once time every other month.

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I will post my weight loss journey 2018 results each day until November 12 God willing



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