Formal Dining: Soup – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

In front of me we have a bowl of soup and there is a magical way to eat soup that is perfection. You know you are having soup even before the soup arrives, because you have a soup spoon on your outer right. When you are having soup you are actually putting your spoon in the bowl closest to you, moving it across, catching any little drips, you come up and over and the soup comes like this. Do not put the soup spoon into your mouth fully, but it is sipped on the side.

Now if your soup is too hot you cannot blow on it and you cannot twirl the soup to cool it off so you have to enjoy it and keep it perfect. So here we are going put the soup spoon in, catch, and sip. If you are resting, if it is a low bowl like this you could put your soup spoon in the bowl, but you could also set if on the side if it is a taller soup bowl. Either one of those things will work. Again, you do not salt or season your item until you have tasted it.


(82462) Dining Etiquette When Having Soup

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