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Recipe By: Chef Sanjyot Keer

For Corn Snowballs :

Ingredients :

• 1 tbsp butter
• 1 cup cream style corn
• Salt to taste
• Black pepper for seasoning
• 2 tbsp cornstarch +3 tbsp water
• 1 tbsp green chillies
• 6 bread slices


• Set a pan on a medium flame and add butter, cream style corn, salt to taste, black pepper for seasoning, 2tbsp cornstarch +3tbsp water and 1tbsp green chillies
• Mix well and keep aside
• Now take bread slices and cut the edges of the bread
• Cut the bread slices into small dices
• Mix the bread dices with the corn mixture and make small bowls out of it
• Now set a pan on a medium flame and add oil in it
• Deep fry the corn snow bowls until crisp and golden brown
• Serve hot with ketchup and mayonnaise


(1818) Corn Snowball recipe by Chef Sanjyot Keer

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