Clad in a skintight and daringly low-cut black and white silk dress that shows off her ginormous boobs and a girlish black silk bow that takes her sexiness to an entirely new level Shelley has never looked lovelier! In the movie, she plays a once gorgeous but now washed up alcoholic movie actress whose emotional vulnerability the titular character so ruthlessly exploits for his own ends. Going from brassy and blowsy (“Ach, the green eyed dragon”) to vulnerable (“Yeah, I am classy, not everyone notices!”) often in the same sentence, Shelley as Fay steals the entire movie. The scene where she briefly wakes up and begs Harper not to do anything to her tonight after he has callously dumped her beautiful curvy black and white silk sheathed body on the sofa is heartbreaking. At the end of the movie, Harper once again rejects the lovely Fay’s advances, stealing her shoes and locking her in a closet. I know what I’d have done if given the chance and it wouldn’t have involved the closet!


(4816) Copy of Copy of Sexy Shelley Winters as Fay Estabrook from Harper 1966

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