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  • Kyndlee

    Why would u cage ur beauties up? That's disgusting behavior. what if there was a fire, flood they'd lose their lives cuz they're in a cage! Plus weather wise seriously too hot for metal cages! They don't deserve to be treated in such a vile manner no animal does. They meed TLC, socialization, freedom to roam, exercise, attention etc! Fresh Food Water, etc. I'm happy u at least give em some kind of shelter, attention, food but seriously u can def do better. ur vids are enjoyable especially since I enjoy learning about other ppls lives globally plus I too am a diabetic, cat lover/owner. plz do reconsider the way u treat em. they're precious!

  • ??Rasta's _3arosa??

    That's HORRIBLE to keep those cats locked in a cage!! Those animals deserve to be running around free inside of a house where they can be loved as someone's pet NOT TRAPPED IN A CAGE LIKE A PRISONER!!! ??????????????????♥️?

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