Come Dine With Me 10 September 2018 in East Hampshire Ep (1-5)

Ep. 1:
Cabby Nik Christides kicks off the competition in east Hampshire, where he hopes to prove to his fellow diners, yummy mummy Jax Naudi, feisty Russian Natalie Edemska-Plant, history buff Kyle Curtis and the evergreen Sue Hood, that cabbies can rustle up more than just a sausage sandwich. But when Sue finds out what she is eating, she refuses to swallow another bite. To end the night, Nik introduces his guests to his favourite pub game: cheesy darts.

Ep. 2:
In east Hampshire, fun-loving mum-of-four Jax Naudi’s evening theme is Arty and Tarty, referring to her arty entertainment and tarty dessert, rather than a dress code, which Russian Natalie doesn’t realise as she comes dressed in black leather. Unimpressed with the food, Sue gives the group the silent treatment at dinner, but luckily for Jax, the entertainment – life drawing with a naked model – proves much more exciting.

Ep. 3:
In east Hampshire, Russian Natalie Edemksa-Plant plans to introduce her guests to a proper 'Russian dining experience' by serving classic foods from her childhood. The evening starts with the introduction of some Russian customs, including banning shoes inside the house. To compensate, she buys her guests slippers, but not all of them appreciate her jokes. While Natalie’s food isn’t a complete hit, the night ends on a high note following some very energetic traditional Russian dancing.

Ep. 4:
In east Hampshire, history fanatic Kyle Curtis is a relative novice in the kitchen, so he gets his guests to help cook his fish fondue. His dress code of favourite historical characters is more complex, and to Kyle’s surprise, everyone makes an effort. Cabby Nik Christides comes as Zeus, mum Jax Naudi as Cleopatra, Russian Natalie Edemska-Plant as Vladimir Putin and Sue as Maid Marion.

Ep. 5:
Glamorous Sue Hood is the last to host in east Hampshire, and is determined to win her guests over with a Caribbean-themed dinner party. With everyone determined to have a good last night together, she starts the evening with a game of hitting the piñata.


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