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It was a quiet, foggy morning when the Burg Burgler burgled the best burgs. The lead detective on the case went mad, sherriff was run out of town, and the people of BurgBerg never found peace. That is… until today.
1:32 – what we should know going in
4:30 – meat selection
8:04 – grinding the meat
13:03 – preparing the burger sauce
18:06 – pickle selection and prep
19:24 – onion selection and prep
20:47 – lettuce selection and prep
22:28 – cheese selection and prep
26:14 – ways you can cook a burg and heating the beef tallow
28:16 – bun selection and prep
29:44 – making the patties
33:27 – cooking the patties and prepping the toasted buns
36:30 – completing the burgers
Additional Information
(Popular Science) Mayonnaise is disgusting, and science agrees

(Modern Cuisine) Science helps craft the perfect mac and cheese

Thanks to Kent and Augustus Ranch for their time, knowledge, and excellent burgers.
And if you want some meat, use code „modernrogue” at to get 10% off any purchase.
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„Gold Nova” by baaskaT

„Wherever You Are” by Psalm Trees

„Vino” by Cap Kendricks

„Armadilla” by Bassti

„The Lime Vibe” by Unda de Sango

„Palm Parallels” by Deeb

„Me 2 You” by QSTN

„Flourish” by Axian

„Blue Orchard” by FloFilz

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Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor — –
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer —
Kent Schoberle – guest



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