Weird Florida news: Dramatic video shows a car crashing into the storefront of a Little Caesars Pizza in Lake City, Florida.

Brittany Charles said she had just walked up to the counter to grab pizza for her kids and babysitter when she heard a loud bang.

“As soon I was, like, “Can I get a $5 pizza?’ it was just a big loud bang. Glass was everywhere,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on behind me. I just ran to the corner.”
Photos show debris covering the floor inside the store — right where she was standing.

“It literally grazed the back of my leg,” Charles said. “Luckily I didn’t get a scratch on me.”

Troopers said the driver of a Kia Sorento was trying to park in front of the store but instead crashed through the glass.

You can see a girl get taken to the ground as debris goes flying.
“She had a couple scratches on her, a scratch above her eye. She was OK, just shaken up,” Charles said. “Everybody was just shaken up, mostly — even the lady that drove into the store.”

Store owner Jared Cady said it’s the second time in three months that someone has driven through one of his storefronts. He also owns the Little Caesars on Baya Drive.

“Fortunately, everybody was fine. Employees were fine. The customers ended up being OK. So we were very thankful nobody was hurt,” he said.


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