Over the past few years, the packaged food segment has taken a beating in the marketplace. Americans’ tastes are shifting, and if consumers haven’t precisely abandoned canned soup and the like from their pantries, sales of those types of foods are nonetheless shrinking. So, it should come as little surprise that Campbell Soup (NYSE: CPB) hasn’t been on a serious growth path. Riding to the rescue — at least in his own opinion — is activist investor Dan Loeb, who has been pushing for the company to put itself up for sale — a course which the Campbell heirs who control about 40% of the stock oppose nearly universally.

In this segment from the Market Foolery podcast, host Chris Hill and senior analyst Jason Moser discuss Loeb’s latest tactics — he’s trying to oust the entire board next month — and weigh what he hopes to gain if his long-shot succeeds and he gains control of the company. They also reflect on why it’s not always such a smart idea for ordinary folks to follow a billionaire investor into a major position.
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FOODporn.pl Campbell Soup Company: Can This Activist Turn it Around?

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