While Japan is one of the industrialized countries where eating insects is the most common the practice still remains largely confined to the rural areas. But in some such places it insects – and eating them – is enthusiastically celebrated. The Kushihara Hebo Society (Hebo meaning wasp) holds an annual festival in honor of the Vespula Flaviceps, or Japanese Wasp. Here, a contest is held to see who can present the heaviest wasp nest. The first prize is known to come as high as 8 kg. Furthermore an insect-y version of the locally favoured snack “gohei mochi” is served. It’s a form of caked rice on a skewer covered in a sweet, savory sauce; and in this particular version the sweet sauce is made from ground wasp.

When they were in Japan the Nordic Food Lab team naturally had to visit the festival. See how they fared in the video.

This footage was shot for BUGS the film.



FOODporn.pl BUGSfeed: Celebrating the Japanese Wasp

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