Mutton eid recipe of Pakistan…bhindi gosht recipe…try it with beef ,mutton or chicken.

Recipe for bhindi gosht recipe::

Mutton 1kg
okra 100gm
onion 3
Tomatoes 3
Gingergarlic paste 2tbsp
Cuminseeds 1tbsp
Cloves 4
blackpepper 6
cookingoil 4tbsp
garam masala powder 1tsp
red chillipowder 1tsp

1.fry the onion rings in cookingoil.when it becomes golden than add cuminseeds,cloves and blackpepper in it.
2.add gingergarlic paste,meat,redchilli powder,salt and tomatoes and fry.
3.add water and cook it until the meat becomes tender.
4.then add okra and garam masala powder and leave for 10 minutes on lower flame..
5.your recipe is ready…
6.serve with naan or chapati.





(22) Bhindi gosht recipe||mutton okra recipe in hindi/urdu

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