Betty shares her favorite pickup food for parties–Deviled Ham-Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches. These are easy to make, and are absolutely the tastiest!

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Deviled Ham-Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches

Several slices of dark rye bread
4.25 oz. can of Underwood Deviled Ham
8 oz. carton Philadelphia cream cheese with onions and chives

Let the deviled ham and the cream cheese set on the counter to get them to room temperature. (This is not necessary, but it makes them easier to spread on the bread–I even freeze the bread sometimes.) Take two slices of the rye bread and spread the inside of one with a generous portion of deviled ham and the other with a nice amount of cream cheese with chives and onions. Place the two slices together with the deviled ham meeting the cream cheese filling. This will form a sandwich. For a nice presentation at a party or wedding reception, take a knife and trim the crusts from the four sides of the sandwich. (I use an electric knife to do this, because it’s quick and easy.) Use a knife the cut the sandwich in half from top to bottom. Repeat this with each half in order to have four „fingers.” Arrange them on a serving plate, and continue this process to make as many as you need. They taste so good that you may need more that you expect!


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