A pizza place is generally run by Italians, but Broadway Pizza in the Upper West Side seems to have a little Mexican flair, like in the movie CoCo.

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FOODporn.pl Barstool Pizza Review – Broadway Pizza

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  • dgb8500

    "They were talking mexican" its called spanish u stupid boston cuntrag. Fuck The pats and fuck your piece of shit pizza show

  • jvadoptante

    Latin American Pizza taste more savory and a bit more subtle than to Italian/Italian amerian style pizza. The tomato used for sauce is tends to be acidic in flavor unlike as to the typical San Marzano tomato which is sweeter in Italian style sauces. Latino pizza dosen't use basil often, but may have oragano from time to time. The crust in Latino American Pizza tends to lean towards being alittle more fluffier, slightly closer to breadloaf texture(again only slightly). The crispness can vary of course.Olive oil is sometimes used but not always. At times the cheese may contain Manchego cheese(sheeps milk based) as well as Mozz. But Mozzarella most of the time. Asedaro cheese is also used sometimes for its elastic melting properties(So good!). Some favorite options for toppings in Latino American Pizza are ground beef aka picadillo, chorizo(sausage meat) and ham.

    I felt the need to shed light on Latin American Pizza.

  • Christian Davis

    Just kinda started watching this, but I’m sure it was from one of the very first episodes, but whats the humor or past joke behind the “one bit, everyone knows the rules”.

  • jvadoptante

    Enough with the typical boston racial ignorance already! It's not cute! And there is No such thing as speaking Mexican.

    If you are rating pizza in 2018 you need to know pizza has long ago entered sub cultures. Latin american pizza most of the time won't use San Marzano tomato or bazil. Which are staples in Italian / Italian american pizza. If you are a so called"pizza expert" you should account for cultural influences.

    Well what about Korean Pizza or Japanese Pizza? All legit great in their own way. Both like presentation and have a different take on crust design.

    This bias rating is equivalent to me rating all Italian spaghetti poorly because it dosen't taste like Lo mein or chowmein. The original noodle origin is oriental Chinese. Dosen't mean I kill the rating because they use tomato & oregano.

    My take is they probably should've gotten a higher score.

    Latino american pizza tends to be on the savory sauce side and light in flavor. From my experience the cheese used varies. I do enjoy the latino pizza variation with ground beef aka picadillo pizza.

    I'm all for having fun. But don't make people dumber and more close minded with your condecending ignorance. Barstool needs to be corrected here.

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